The Borusan Music House was founded in 2010 in the building at Istanbul’s art and culture center Istiklal Street with the aim of expanding Borusan Sanat’s activities to a broader scale and to present both the artists and art enthusiasts with a different experience. The opening of the venue coincided with the year Istanbul was designated the European Capital of Culture. During its first three years, the Borusan Music House contributed to the ever-growing art life of the city with an intense programme focusing on new music, world music, jazz and interdisciplinary performances.

The Borusan Music House has brought musicians and ensembles from different branches of music to the Istanbul audience, some for the first time. Among over 300 events organized, some of the highlights include Katia & Marielle Labèque, Carsten Nikolai, Earth, Youn Sun Nah, Bang On A Can All Stars, Fennesz, Tortoise, Alva Noto, Murcof, Grails, Cédric Thiberghien, Hüseyin Sermet, Kerem Görsev, Şirin Pancaroğlu,, Hezarfen Ensemble, Toros Can, İlhan Erşahin, İmer Demirer Quartet, Selen Gülün, Ozan Musluoğlu, Ferit Odman, Gevende, Erdem Helvacıoğlu, Burhan Öçal, Telvin, Süleyman Erguner, and Mercan Dede. The Borusan Music House has thus contributed immensely to Borusan Art’s goal of supporting and expanding classical music and contemporary forms, especially with its events in the field of new music.

Aside from music and performance events, the Borusan Music House has drawn followers of the visual arts by hosting annual exhibits and other curatorial exhibitions for one of Borusan Sanat’s affiliates Art Center/Istanbul. Among the exhibitions held at the Borusan Music House are “Matter-Light I” and “Matter-Light II” curated by Richard Castelli, “Cosmic Latte” curated by Suzanne Egeran, “Tidelines” curated by Marketa Haila, “Revolution Revelation” by Mercan Dede and Carlito Dalceggio, and Seçkin Pirim’s exhibitions.

The Borusan Music House has become Borusan Art’s central location since November 2014 and continues its activities in recent years by presenting original projects. Among these projects are “Nova Muzak Series” in collaboration with Kod Müzik and “New Sounds of Berlin and İstanbul” in collaboration with Berlin based art institution RadialSystem V.

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