9 March 2016 Wed 22.00
• Borusan Music House

DAVID HOOGERHEIDE live electronics

20.30 Doors open
21.00 Concert

Full Price: 40 TL (table), 30 TL (standing)
Students: 25 TL (standing)
(Tables unnumbered)


A splendid contemporary mystery play in six hallucinative parts... Bram Stadhouders explores an untouched musical world thanks to his ravishing sound ritual Cantata. Having been successful for the improvisation trio Henosis, which is commissioned for Holland Chamber Choir by North Sea Jazz Festival in 2012, the sound adventurer and improvisation master Bram Stadhouders set sail to brand new seas. Following that great project, he decided to focus on what is more intimate and intense in music. So did Cantata appear as a result of that great pursuit. Three musicians on stage tell a mystical story, going back to the eras in which music and drama had mysterious relationship. From the time of madrigals to baroque that adapted electronic music and modern opera to trance, they invoke all emotions with their music; emotions triggered from all quarters flow like a mighty stream. Stadhouders shapes that flow in a steady way so that he catches a tough and unique language. In Cantata; Stadhouders, tenor Sebastian Brouwer and David Hoogerhedje go deep into feelings without fearing of anything. Premiered in Bimhuis, which is one of the most prestigious music places in Amsterdam, the piece leaves a strong impression on the audience. That magnificent performance is ready to be experienced at Borusan Music House.

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