A New Concert at Borusan Music House

19 January 2024

A new concert has been added to the season of Borusan Music House. A collaboration of Borusan Sanat and KOD Music Nova Muzak Series continues to bring a breath of fresh air to our music life through its journey that started in November 2011. On the 38th Nova Muzak Series, two legendary musicians will take stage at the Borusan Music House. Starting with Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler, with the imaginative interpretation and improvisation built over their 20-year collaboration. Followed by Attila Csihar, who went down in history as the vocalist of the legendary album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas which is now considered to be a classic in metal music.

The concert titled “WA & Void Ov Voices will be on Saturday, March 2, at 21.00.

Advanced ticket sale to BIPO Digital Premium Card holders is on January between 19-21, to Classic Card holders is on January between 22-23.

General ticket sale is on January 25!

You can buy your tickets via Passo Retail Outlets and www.passo.com.tr

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