21 February 2020 Fri 20.30

Borusan Music House

20.30 Doors open
21.00 Concert


Full Price: 50 TL (Unreserved)
Student: 31 TL

BIPOCARD Classic holders’ respective discount rates of 30% and 20% end after their relevant advance sales periods, after which BIPOCARD Gold and BIPOCARD Classic holders will be entitled to 20% and 10% discount, respectively.

Pulse is the power that drives the imagination... Sit Fast is named after the work by composer Christopher Tye who lived in the 1500s: a rhythmic and harmonic labyrinth was discovered in the Baldwine Manuscripts. Sit Fast is a project which instead of focusing on speed, invites us to sit down and listen. By the virtue of this progressive formula, Tye invited music lovers to dive into the enormous imagination he presented in his works. Black Pencil will be rendering the works of Klaas De Vries, Martijn Padding, Klas Torstensson, Roderik De Man, Wim Henderickx and Louis Andriessen, bringing a breath of fresh air to contemporary works with a diversity of styles and composition techniques. Which period could this hypnotic music that transcends time and blurs space belong to? This new and different interpretation of pieces from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, almost as if the music pulses in the audience’s chest...

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