Panoramic Landscapes of Cappadocia

A unique experience made possible by Ertuğ & Kocabıyık, publishers of fine books on Byzantine and Ottoman art, Panoramic Landscapes of Cappadocia is a work of art in its own right that takes the reader into and through the astonishing world of the valleys of Cappadocia. The term "Cappadocia" today refers to a specific region of volcanic valleys and bizarre rock formations where extraordinary physical surroundings and human ingenuity have combined to create an intriguing and dramatic landscape of sometimes bewitching, sometimes monumental beauty. Successive civilizations and cultures have left their mark here, excavating and carving houses, tombs, workplaces and shrines out of the solid rock. Far from destroying the landscape, however, their efforts actually enhanced it, creating structures for posterity that are as exceptional as they are one with nature. Like its subject,Panoramic Landscapes of Cappadocia is also unique as a book offering a stunning array of broad panoramic views of this magical world. The images are accompanied by an informative introductory essay and commentaries by Catherine Jolivet-Lévy, a respected scholar on Cappadocian archaeology and medieval art. Panoramic images belong to Ahmet Ertuğ.

Panoramic Landscapes of Cappadocia
Author: Catherine Jolivet-Lévy
Photography: Ahmet Ertuğ
48x36,5 cm
292 pages (62 color plates 30 of which are panoramic (156x36 cm when folded out, 18 drawings)

Price: 1.795TL

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