Sculptured for Eternity

The Istanbul Archaeological Museum is home to some of the world's most important collections of archaeological artifacts. The text of this splendid book, whose subject is the museum's rich collections of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine sculpture, was prepared by Dr R. R. R. Smith, distinguished professor of archaeology at Oxford University, working in collaboration with the museum's own specialists. All the works were photographed by Ahmet Ertuğ, whose images of such masterpieces as the Alexander, Sidamara, and Lycian sarcophagi are presented in stunning panoramic views. The photographs in this book together with facsimile reproductions of the original sculptures were exhibited in the Tuilleries Gardens of the Louvre in Paris in August and September of 2002, a show that was attended by approximately fifty thousand people in the course of two months. The exhibition was repeated in the gardens of the Kensington Royal Palace in London during 2003.

Treasures of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Art from İstanbul Archaeological Museum
Author: R.R.R. Smith
Photography: Ahmet Ertuğ
30x41 cm
365 pages (187 plates)
Presented in a special case.

Price: 1.885TL

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