Anatolian Carpets

Ertuğ & Kocabıyık Publications provided funding for the conservation of one hundred and forty unique Turkish carpets, nearly all of which were hitherto unknown and some of which were taken out of the storage rooms of the museum for the first time. The oldest pieces in the group date back to the 16th century. The items in this stellar collection, chosen by a group of internationally-recognized specialists, were selected from among 1,000 carpets. The authors of the text are Professor Walter Denny and Dr Nazan Ölçer. Nil Rüter from the Berlin Islamic Arts Museum provided the technical analyses. Ahmet Ertuğ photographed the carpets using large-format cameras to achieve minutely detailed images that provide connoisseurs of carpets and textiles with an unmatched visual experience.

Anatolian Carpets: Masterpieces from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
Authors: Walter Denny, Nazan Ölçer
Photography : Ahmet Ertuğ
Image Volume:
32,5x43 cm
204 pages (including 140 color plates, four gatefolds and 14 additional detail plates of the carpets)
Text Volume:
87 pages (including four gatefolds and fourteen detail plates of the carpets
Hardbound in Japanese cloth.

Out of Print

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