The ancient city of Ephesos, located on the Aegean coast of Turkey and one of the most extraordinary settlements in the Aegean region, was the home of a glorious civilization. For this large-format publication dedicated to the city of Ephesos and its monuments and sculptures, Ertuğ & Kocabıyık collaborated with the specialists of the Austrian Archaeological Institute, which has been carrying out the excavation, restoration, and reconstruction work at the site continuously since 1954. Prof. Friedrich Krinzinger, the director of the Ephesos excavations, laid out the editorial concept of the book while the archaeologists who are responsible for the excavations and discoveries wrote the scholarly text. The photographic documentation by Ahmet Ertuğ has produced outstanding panoramic views of the ancient city as well as large-format images of monuments, villa interiors and sculptures at the Ephesos Museum in Selçuk, the Archaeological Museum in İzmir and the Ephesus Museum in Vienna.

Ephesos: Architecture, Monuments & Sculpture
Authors: Prof. Friedrich Krinzinger
Photography: Ahmet Ertuğ
47,8x35 cm
240 pages (34 panoramic plates and 109 full-color plates)
Printed and hand-bound with exquisite Japanese cloth in Switzerland; presented in a slipcase.

Price: 1.795TL

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