Sacred Art of Cappadocia

The architectural and artistic heritage of Cappadocia is unique in the world. This book seeks to heighten the reader's awareness of the artistic wealth and architectural diversity of Cappadocia, focusing in particular on the murals that adorn its churches and sanctuaries. Nineteen structures are thoroughly presented in this volume. They were chosen mainly for the quality of their murals, some of which rank among the most important treasures of the Byzantine and Medieval legacy. The superb photographs of Ahmet Ertuğ meticulously capture the interiors of these wonderful churches in astonishing detail, many of them in remote and all but inaccessible locations. These extraordinary images are accompanied by an authoritative and highly readable text by Catherine Jolivet-Lévy of Paris University, a respected specialist with thirty years of research and publication on the cultural heritage of Byzantine and Medieval Cappadocia. The result is a splendid book that guides the reader towards a deeper appreciation of the region and a better understanding of its art and history.

Sacred Art of Cappadocia: Byzantine Murals from the 6th to 13th Centuries
Author: Catherine Jolivet-Lévy
Photography: Ahmet Ertuğ
35x48 cm (landscape format)
192 pages (141 color plates, some presented as double page spreads, plus 57 pages of text. Each image plate has a descriptive text)
Hardbound and covered with Japanese cloth; presented in a special case.

Price: 1.795TL

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